Monday, July 12, 2010

MSA 1500 How to link up with the EVA 4000?

MSA 1500 How to link up with the EVA 4000?

Question: connect the two storage devices, you think they separate, or be required to connect with the FC switch?

Answer: Since the foundation of your environment is not very familiar with, so that you are considering this issue should be confirmed the following:

First, how many servers you have, how many units you want to achieve;

Second, in the end you want to connect to the server by means of which the general settings, FC switches, iSCSI SAN or NAS gateway?

Third, even if you can use the FC port FC switches to connect MSA1500 and EVA 4000, you still need to consider carefully the characteristics of your application, reliability and system performance requirements.

Fourth, you are what these server operating system, run what are the key to business?

Fifth, your access to storage devices from the server is the frequency of how much this will set your network have a direct impact, performance and other aspects of the case.

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